Nino – Sacramento, Ca

“We rescued Nino when he was 2 months old from a dog fighting ring where he was used as a bait dog. Despite how cruel humans treated him he has been the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog. Nino is now 2.5 years old. About 4 ways to enjoy the health benefits of cbd noticed he was limping, easily tripping, and his hind legs would often give out with no warning, Nino would also cry and whimper at night. We brought Nino to the Veterinarian where they did all kinds of tests, studies and x-rays. We were devastated to learn our sweet boy had severe arthritis throughout his entire body. The Veterinarian said “it was the worst case he has seen in a dog so young” and we should start thinking about putting him down due to the amount of pain he was in and not being able to walk independently. The Veterinarian prescribed a very expensive drug for Nino’s inflammation/arthritis that seemed to work, although after a few weeks caused stomach ulcers and internal bleeding (which is a side effect the Veterinarian warned us of). I work at a hospital and heard how CBD has helped cancer human patients, so I thought I would look into CBD for Nino. I researched and came across VETCBD. We have been treating Nino with VETCBD for approximately 9 months. He is walking on his own again, able to jump on up on the bed to snuggle and crying no at night. We are amazed how much VETCBD has helped Nino’s symptoms and so happy with the results. He is off the meds the Veterinarian prescribed and we feel VETCBD has prolonged his life! WE CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!”

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