When you are buying any window shades for your house, choosing the right colors is important. You have to consider the colors that fit in with the style of your house and the theme of your room. Here, we have collected a plethora of beautiful window treatments that give you room to modify your window coverings as you see fit. You will see different styles of window covers in our guide from basic white to bold colors and even modern designs. 

Window shades are a great way to transform your room. They can add privacy, style, and coziness to any room. Window shades have many uses in bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens, bedrooms, and more

Window shades, window coverings, and interior lighting can impact home design. To make a good impression on buyers, color should be balanced and the consistency of quality throughout the product line is very important.


Window shades can improve the quality of your home and offer a variety of benefits. Whether you live in an older home, or just want to freshen up the look, window treatments are all about keeping your energy bills in check. The most important thing is to always keep your blinds closed when not in use.

Window shades do not always have to be just drawn up or down. Window shades also come in standard lengths, but they can be extended using clip rings, hemming them at the top and bottom and extending them upward a few inches. If you need to cut a shade to fit around a window frame, instead of cutting straight across, you might consider measuring from the bottom of the window frame up to your window and then making a copy of the inner border of your curtains. This will result in two separate pieces that fit nicely into each other.


Window shades are one of the most basic finishing touches you can add to your home. The most effective way to decide which shade is best for your home is to use a few different shades in your own home and observe how they perform. If you see they make an impact on temperature, privacy, or block light…you know it’s time to eliminate them

Window shades are made from beveled fabric that gives a decorative edge and pulls the focus onto your window. This helps them to appear more finished and allows the light to filter through. Window shades let you control the quantity of light let in by shading out the overheated sun or allowing natural daylight to shine through when you want it. These types of shades can be hung from the inside on all sides or from the outside

Window shades help keep your home warm in the winter, but can also make it feel much cooler come summertime. Installing an inexpensive window shade increases your home’s energy efficiency by promoting evening ventilation. Window shades are a great addition to any room, but not all window treatments look good in your home.