3 Big Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed hosting plans are quite useful for beginners. It is an almost impossible task to set up an entire website on an unmanaged hosting environment without any technical experience. That is why the managed hosting plans are preferred where the web hosts handle these technical challenges of hosting.

If you are thinking of hosting a WordPress site and you are new to this field, then opting for managed WordPress hosting is the perfect solution. Here are 3 big reasons why you should choose this hosting:

#1 Enhanced Performance & Site Speed

This is the first important reason for choosing managed WordPress hosting. People may suggest several ways of improving performance and site speed, but even then, your website cannot perform well without good hosting. These plans are designed specifically for WordPress sites and ensure optimized speed and performance.

Unlike shared web hosting plans that cater to the masses, this hosting offers tailored services designed to fit one CMS. You will find features like server-level caching and the best available resources (latest versions of PHP and HTTP) included in most of these hosting plans. These additional features boost site speed and allow you to achieve improved performance.

#2 Scalability with Premium Support

Your website will attract more traffic as your business expands. So, you should choose hosting plans that are designed to be scalable. It will allow you to focus on utilizing every resource during this period of expansion. With managed hosting plans for WordPress sites, you can promptly adapt to growth without facing any difficulties or disruptions.

While shared hosting plans offer resources at a cheaper cost, it becomes difficult for the hosts to sustain the best quality of customer service to their long list of clients. If you don’t get a prompt response from the support team, it may cause significant damage to your business.

With managed hosting plans, you will get assured premium support that is usually available round-the-clock. These support teams have a high level of expertise, and their fast, responsive, and reliable service is aimed only at dealing with WordPress websites. It will ensure a seamless experience for your site visitors at any time of the day.

#3 Best Level of Security & Backups

Another big reason to opt for this hosting is the exceptional security you will get for your WordPress sites. Website security is of utmost importance to your site visitors. There have been several ransomware attacks and hacking attempts that have impacted businesses of all scales. That is why you must ensure the best level of security at all times.

Managed WordPress hosts take care of this important aspect on your behalf. They create an effective security strategy customized to your website. It is their job to put preventative measures in place, monitor your website to avoid any suspicious activity, and promptly restore your website from a recent backup in the event of any security breach. Their WordPress-specific security features will protect your website and customer data from all kinds of threats.

You should choose managed WordPress hosting plans if you need faster loading websites that can easily adapt to any traffic spikes. Their added levels of security and premium customer support will spare you the trouble of worrying about maintaining your WordPress sites at the optimal level.