7 Important Things you must know before shifting to Toronto

Toronto is the largest city of Canada known popularly for its ethnic and cultural diversity and is famous worldwide for its CN Tower. If you’re planning to this city surrounded by towering buildings and bustling streets, you must know some of these things before hiring cheap movers for Toronto: 

Its fast-paced and multi-cultural lifestyle

The population of Toronto is 6,197,000. Being the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto is the home to almost all of the world’s cultural groups with more than 200 languages spoken. You can meet people from different backgrounds and cultures hustling around the streets.

Its housing situation

Being highly populated, getting a home in Toronto can be a tough job, and with such an increasing population the prices are getting high. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting or buying, you must make sure that the houses are under your budget. If you can’t afford a house you can search for a condo there. There are a lot of movers and packers in Toronto that can also help you regarding the shifting tips and neighborhood selection.

Its public transit

The mode of transport in the city is via subway, buses, and trams. The public transit of Toronto is not much appreciated by the people living there but if you can’t drive, you must take care of the time while traveling as TCC may be quite slow as per your expectations.

Its art and culture

The art and culture of Toronto are appreciated worldwide, the city is the home of more than 80 film festivals, over 200 professional performing arts organizations, and 200 public art and historical monuments. According to a survey, Toronto has more than 66 percent of artists than any other city in Canada.

Its weather

Toronto has very cold winters and warm summers. The winters in Toronto are pretty cold (up to -20 degrees) and the summers are warm (up to 28 degrees). The whole city is covered under the snow from November and April. The city can witness up to 3.3 inches of rainfall in September. So as you hire a moving company to shift in Etobicoke, make sure you plan the move before or after the month of September.

Its food variety

There are about 7500 restaurants and bars to choose from in Toronto. There is a huge range of food variety in the city due to its multicultural population. You can fill your tummy with a meal ranging from Indian to Greek to Ethiopian variety. Putting it in simple words, a person can never get bored of the food here.

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