A strip club is not a gentlemen’s club when…


The attractive girls working the pole at that posh new establishment that occasionally advertises itself as a Gentleman’s club do the same thing for essentially the same reasons whether you label them strippers or exotic dancers. However, these terms are frequently used in the same sentence as if they meant the same thing. Do they actually differ?

The advertisements for these ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ do little to distinguish them from the popular strip clubs. Strip clubs conjure up images of tiny, gloomy, smoke-filled caverns filled with sexy ladies gyrating and dancing against poles to loud music. When you think of strip clubs, you immediately envision men longing for gorgeous, seductive ladies they can never have. The phrase “strip club” practically causes a physical reaction.  The phrase “gentlemans club,” on the other hand, conjures images of plush chairs, pricey Scotch and Champagne, and stunning ladies undulating their bodies sensually or draped over a fireman’s pole as men sit with cigars in one hand and drinks in the other.

They observe amusedly and are polite enough to refrain from attempting to touch. Generally speaking, it appears to be a secure workplace.

While strip clubs may be chaotic, gentlemen’s clubs are structured, and the regulations are significant to the owner, the dance, and the patrons as well. You probably won’t find the sleazy aspects you would anticipate from a strip club in a gentlemens club Melbourne. The bouncer at the door may or may not be dressed like a character from a spy film. If things do go out of hand, you should expect a Jason Statham-style response that is crisp, precise, and effective.

Professional dancers are frequently hired by gentlemen’s clubs. These aren’t just girls who can strip off their clothing to the sound of music; some of them might even be professional dancers. Be prepared to encounter a former ballerina or a real professional dancer who enjoys stripping occasionally.  

Additionally, gentlemens clubs are cleaner. Stylishly decorated in a modern style with great lighting. Strippers in a club might be compared to a rock band that thrives off the fervor and loud energy of the patrons. Gentlemens clubs Melbourne tend to be more laid-back and are less likely to be packed with inebriated men shouting for a stripper to bare all while throwing $1 onto the stage. In gentlemen’s clubs, the experience is everything. Here, patrons shower the dancers with huge cash, and occasionally even use credit cards to pay the club.  

The food is above the typical vending machine fare and buffet-style dinners, and the drinks are good. Since these are social clubs that also feature naked dancing women as entertainment, lap dancing costs more there than it does at a strip club. In other situations, gentlemens’ clubs keep their dancers on the payroll to prevent ladies from doing the most to squeeze as much cash as they can from patrons.  It might be wise to visit a strip club and a gentlemens club before choosing one over the other especially if you have never visited either type of adult entertainment location.