Reasons For Getting A 4K Gaming Monitor

Back in 2012, a new type of streamlined monitor, boasting a staggering resolution of 4k came into light. This was the new buzzword in the gaming industry. The 4k monitors featured a rich 3840x2160p resolution for a better viewing experience and a never seen before high-clarity resolution of pictures, which at that time was double that of the standard full HD displays featuring 1920x1080p resolution. This however was eye-watering for some people, as these monitors usually ended up costing multiple thousands of dollars to get ahead of that curve. Nine years later, with a dramatic drop in prices, 4k gaming monitors are still a rare sight in most gaming setups.
But time changes and so does technology, and here are some reasons and benefits of buying a 4k resolution gaming monitor. 

What is a 4k monitor and do you really need it? 

Any display having a horizontal resolution around 4000-pixel mark can be called a 4k monitor. The most common 4k panel features a resolution of 3840x2160p with a display of 16:9 aspect ratio, providing you with more screen estate than FHD monitors having a resolution of 1920x1080p. 

With more and more content coming out in 4k resolution, it is wiser to have a 4k display as your gaming monitor than ever before. And, if you have a 4k gaming console then having a monitor that can utilize the potential of that system is a must. 

Reasons for getting a 4k gaming monitor as your primary display:

  1. Most operating systems are capable of producing the signal strength to give out a crisp and sharp 4k resolution output with the basic 4k displays. Thus you can use your display for other things as well as gaming. 
  2. If you work in photoshop or any other photo or video manipulation software, a 4k monitor lets you access your creative potential. With super high-quality resolution, you can view images in full detail. 
  3. 4k displays usually give a 60Hz gaming experience, but with good GPUs, free sync technology in-built in 3k monitors, and a little bit of configuration, you can easily get up to 240hz of refresh rate if your monitor has a panel that gives out a refresh rate of 240HZ.  With four times the pixel of FHD displays at 1080p, UHD or ultra-high definition displays can provide you with a breathtaking gaming experience like never before. 

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