Strategically buy instagram followers to expand your audience reach

The more followers you have, the more Instagram’s algorithm will expose your content to a wider set of users. Having an initial boost of follower’s signals to the algorithm that your content is engaging, this leads to more organic reach over the initial hump of zero or few followers organically. Purchasing a strategic amount of followers helps jumpstart your growth. Once you have a decent follower base, it becomes easier to gain followers organically.

Increases discoverability– Having more followers gets you on Instagram’s radar. You’re more likely to be featured on the ‘Discover Page’ or as a ‘suggested user’ to follow when people search relevant terms. This leads to a viral effect of gaining more organic followers.

Leverage influencer marketing– More followers make you appears more influential as an Instagrammer. This helps attract brand collaborations as you offer value to businesses through sponsored posts and influencer marketing.

Steps for Buying Followers Strategically

  1. Evaluate your goals. Consider what you aim to achieve with buying followers. Do you want to hit a certain follower milestone? Increase engagement rates? Or be seen as an authority in your niche? Your goals determine how many followers you need.
  2. Research reliable sources- Not all follower services are created equal. Does your homework to find reputable platforms that deliver real, high-quality followers from your target demographic? Avoid any that use fake bot accounts.
  3. Start small– Don’t boost your follower account overnight from 1k to 50k followers. A drastic spike looks unnatural and might get you shadow banned by Instagram. Build up gradually for a more organic growth curve.
  4. Focus on engagementInstagram Followers from Famoid high-quality followers are active users that like and comment on your posts. Ensure the service you use focuses on driving up real engagement rates, not just inflating vanity
  5. Analyze data frequently-Use analytics to track progress at hitting goals. Pay attention to metrics like follower growth rate, engagement rate per post and website traffic. Tweak your strategy as needed.
  6. Maintain organic activity– Continue posting high-quality content, engaging with your community and using relevant hashtags to sustain organic growth alongside your purchased followers. Don’t solely depend on artificial growth.

Why You Should Avoid Buying Fake Followers

While buying followers has its place in an Instagram strategy, avoid any services that use bot accounts or other fake methods. Fake followers generated through bots don’t actually view, like, share or comment on your posts. Your engagement rate drops lowering your overall account quality.

Using bot accounts violates Instagram’s terms of service. If discovered, Instagram may ban you from accessing hashtags or appearing in recommended posts where you gain real followers. Fake followers tend to have high attrition rates and disappear from your account rapidly. This causes your follower count to plummet, negatively impacting your brand’s image. Since fake followers don’t actually see your content, they have no value for influencer marketing or brand partnerships.

Low-quality services to avoid

Spotting fake follower providers comes down to looking for telltale signs such as:

  1. Ridiculously cheap prices like $1 for 1,000 followers or similar
  2. Claims of 100% real, active followers despite low costs
  3. No refund policy or shady guarantees
  4. Sudden delivery of massive follower spikes
  5. Offshore companies with no verifiable address or business information