Stylish Smartphone Biodegradable Cases

6th Street Discount on Eco-friendly Sleek Cell Phone Covers

You have invested a great amount on your sleek and advanced Smartphone, it is your responsibility to take great care of this elegant phone and use a protective cover to avoid scratches, falls and dust. Apart from protection, the Smartphone cases have become a fashionable inflection and use to give a unique and fresh look to your phone. Nowadays, the monochrome case look has become dull as people are in favor of modernized and distinctive cases. If you are looking such type of cell phone cases, just mention 6th Street discount code and get biodegradable fashion statements for a variety of Smartphone.

Environment Friendly Cell Phone Cases

These days, keeping a new design Smartphone case has become a trend. If you have a sustainable version, it is superb as it protects the environment. Do you know more than 1.5 billion Smartphone cases are discarded each and every year? Moreover, the life span of a cell phone is almost 1.5 year. After that, people replace the old version with the recently introduced cell phone. As a result, they have to throw away the old case and opt for the new one to protect the lustrous surface.

Traditional cases are basically made up of plastic and require a great amount of petroleum during the manufacturing process. In addition, the plastic cannot decompose easily and requires a great time period to decay. On the other hand, environment friendly covers are manufactured with easy to discard materials like bio-plastic, cork and bamboo. Bamboo is commonly used raw material that grows more than three meters within a day. If your phone case is made up of bamboo, it is highly stable and sustainable material. Avail 6th street discount code to find some of the classy yet environment friendly Smartphone cases on reasonable rate.

Cork is another environment friendly stuff that contains the cork oak’s bark. As compared to unshelled cork oaks, the peeled one processes additional CO2 and maintains a protected climate.  Recycled wood or plastic is used to make the eco-friendly covers. Side by side, make it certain that non-toxic materials are used in the manufacturing process. It is useless to invest money on biodegradable covers if the adhesive material is used in the manufacturing process.

Things to Consider while Buying a Sustainable Phone Cover

Always make sure that you have selected a Smartphone case that contains raw renewable materials like bio-plastic, cork or bamboo. If not, then opt for recycled plastic or sustainably cultured wood. Non-toxic composites and adhesives should be used in the development process. If there is any certificate of climate compatibility, it is good to invest your money on such phone cases.

Get 6th street discount code and find endless designs in sustainable material. It is interesting that a lot of styles are offered to provide something according to your taste. Sometimes different models look same but have minor differences in length or width, therefore before selecting a cell phone cover, make it definite that the size is appropriate to your Smartphone.