To become proficient in the hand-knotting technique, years of practice are required. An expert crafts each thread with great care. hand-made carpets made by hand are renowned for their exquisite designs. Each design is expertly woven into the carpet, making it stand out and have a distinct flavor. Oriental carpet are always more expensive than carpets made by machines, which are mass-produced and not carefully made by hand. An extraordinary piece of art is created when color, texture, and design are combined. It will give your home, place of business, or any other area a lot of style. Your health is influenced by the things you eat and the environment we live in. Therefore, selecting the appropriate product is essential for adding a green sign to peaceful living.

One of the most common things that many people who love and buy handmade carpets look for is a variety of models and types of carpets.

Here we discuss the different types of handmade carpet:

Types of carpet according to raw material:

One of the most important ways that hand-woven carpets stand out from other types of carpet is because they are made from high-quality raw materials. Consider the following course of action:

Silk carpet: Silk is used in the lint in hand-made carpets, which are both beautiful and expensive.

Silk flower carpet: The difference between these wool-woven carpets and others is that silk is used in the patterns and around the edges instead of woolen lint, and the weft is typically made of silk.

Silk fluff rugs: Due to its high price, this kind of rug is not very common. It has silk and fluff, which is sometimes made of cotton or linen.

Silk floor carpet: In addition, this wool-woven carpet uses silk lint exclusively in its field rather than woolen lint, which is a complete contrast to the model before it.

Pulp carpet: The role of their flowers and shrubs has longer villi and the so-called fluffy, and they use both thick and thin fabric in their field.

All wool carpet: The main rule for nomadic carpets is that they use the fabric, weft, and lint of all three animal wools. However, today, this type of carpet is frequently used with cotton warp and weft, and wool is used only for the lint.

Types of carpet according to design:

Half roll carpet: The knot arch behind the carpet is 45 degrees on this type of carpet.

All-round carpet: if we want to say it in a simple way: A knot arch is a kind of deep groove behind a carpet that is 90 degrees at the back. The strong texture and the short distance between the threads are the main characteristics of this kind of carpet.

Carpet roll: Compared to all-rolled rugs, this kind of rug has a weaker texture. The threads in this kind of rug are spaced about a diameter apart. The bed’s weave is like a mat, with the warp turned upside down in each ridge so that the threads can be seen one at a time from behind the carpet.