Top 4 Activities You Must Try in Raja Ampat


Want to explore an exotic tropical location during your Southeast Asian honeymoon? Or, want to go on a romantic vacation and dive with your spouse? Afterward, the attractiveness of Indonesia’s Raja Ampat islands would be your very best alternative for you! Perhaps, Indonesia is much more well-known for the beauty of Bali Island, but when you explore Raja Ampat, you may feel like it’s heaven on earth! Apparently, diving here is like an escape from this world. So, let’s check out these extraordinary things to do in Raja Ampat to get a once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience!

  • Hike for the view atop Pianemo

Hike Pianemo to Get a 5-Star View in Raja Ampat! Paradoxically, Pianemo is among the very epic and instagrammable areas in Indonesia and the world. Most wanderers have been waiting for many years to tick off this spot on their Bucket List. FYI, Raja Ampat is somewhat isolated, so you must understand and research the logistics and travel hints before going. As soon as you’ve attained the top, maybe you will not have the ability to wipe the smile from the face. The gorgeous view is far from your imagination. It looks like something exciting out of a film. You’ll allow the images from the camera to do the describing like the picture above.

  • Dive & Explore the Marine Life

Have you ever thought of diving in Raja Ampat? Prepare your itinerary for the Raja Ampat journey! You will see the magnificence of its biodiversity, no less than 1511 species of fish, 699 invertebrate species, five more uncommon species of marine turtle, 13 species of marine mammals, and 57 species of mantis shrimp. It is possible to also do something distinct and distinctive during your Raja Ampat honeymoon: explore the corals and also have a selfie with your spouse!

Located in Indonesia West Papua state, Raja Ampat contains 1500 small, wonderful islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four chief islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo single bigger island of Kofiau. Don’t be worried about the locals, they’re friendly and you will feel right at home speaking to them. They will be absolutely glad if you hand them candy or areca nuts. Share jokes, little talk, or ask anything! It’d make for a great holiday, right? And do not neglect to prepare your specific wrapper for your own camera to let you capture underwater pictures, or bring an underwater camera instead.

  • Dance the night away at Pasir Timbul Beach

Regardless of whether you adore not or dancing, dancing remains among the most romantic things to do together with your spouse on your wedding day. And, dancing the night away on Pasir Timbul Beach, the”floating sand island” would be really a special and unforgettable moment, but be aware that the sand bar just appears for a few hours a day, during the low tide. You both will feel blessed and joyful like a cherry on the cake, attracting your hearts nearer and allowing you to spend more romantic quality time with one another. Before going, choosing anti-malaria medicine and mosquito repellent lotion with you on your trip is strongly suggested. And bring a gift for your spouse. Perhaps your spouse will give you a surprise, too!

  • Go on a Forest Adventure

Besides diving in Raja Ampat and investigating tourist spots from West Papua, you ought to take experiences in the forest, see the colorful clustered limestone, different sorts of plants that are rare, along with turtles nesting on shore. Besides that, how about looking for the Papuan standard fishing equipment, or learning to create the standard wooden sculpture of the Asmat tribe? Sounds great, right? See the familiar West Papuan Red Paradise birds and three other exceptional birds of paradise birds at the Gam archipelago.

Ready to start your getaway to Raja Ampat? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!