Top 5 Activities You Can Do Around Bunaken Island


Learn All of the info about Bunaken Island. See all the beautiful things and enjoyable activities on this island, such as snorkeling and diving. We can say for sure that Bunaken is among the most beautiful islands. The best action to perform in Bunaken is diving. It is not weird because we may observe the pure ocean. Thus, everyone must want to dive right into it to keep that beautifulness.

When diving in Bunaken, there are two seasons you’ll be able to enjoy the most. There are a dry season and a rainy season. But, thanks to that, you can see clearly from underwater. It is a fantastic idea that you wish to see all of the living things underwater. Next, for winter, the water temperature is rising. It is pretty chilly, but diving in winter would be the best idea for men and women who don’t enjoy the warm water. Everything you have to be cautious about is through winter, and the rain will come. The negative effect is that you can see the water clear and it may result in an accident.

Bunaken Island additionally becomes the most favorite tourist thing. For men and women that come here, they have to see all foreigners walking around this island.

After arriving at Manado, you may take a cab, or somebody in the haven pick you up (If you booked a ticket). The only accessibility to Bunaken only by ship.  So, there’s not any other alternative. The boat is available until evening, that’s why prepare all of your things until you depart to Bunaken Island. The important thing that you need to remember after coming to the island would be to reserve a hotel. We know the way you feel after you see the gorgeous ocean. But before you jump to the major action, you need to hunt for a refuge (resort). Bunaken Beach resort can be the alternative to select. It is situated on Pangalisang beach (The eastern side of Bunaken Island). From this hotel, you may see the gorgeous view of the shore. And the end is great, it will calm everybody for sure.

More Activities Other Than Diving

  • Bunaken National Marine Park

If you love fish and another aquatic monster, this location can give all of your wishes immediately. If you love sightseeing, this is the recommended area you want to see. It’s possible to see the beautiful fish swim around. To make it more ideal, you can observe the gorgeous coral. Remember to capture this beautiful moment with your camera as you won’t find this scenery regularly.

  • Take A Walk Around the Island

Walking around the island to find the people’s activity is great actually. There’s no motorcycle or car on the island, and that means you cannot lease it. You may only rely on your feet to walk. The breezing wind also makes you enjoy a different world. Not only can you truly feel the wind, but additionally, you will build a healthy body.

  • Rent A Boat to Tour Around the Island

Once you are satisfied walking around the island, the following stuff you must do is rent a boat and sail into the ocean. If it happens in the warm season, you can consider yourself the luckiest person. Because of this, the water is much more visible, and also you may see the interior. The scenery in the water is magnificent. For people who don’t like swimming pools, this one is the only alternative to observe the beautiful underwater.

  • Siladen SPA Diving Center

SPA while diving is just one of the life experiences where you can just try in this place. If you wish to decorate yourself, try out this one for sure. The service is also really wonderful. But it is pretty expensive. Like we said before, preparing a great deal of cash within this island is crucial.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bunaken by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.