What is a Strategic Consultant?

When you’re running a business, your job is mostly making decisions about where to spend the resources you have  – time, money, expert skills – to get the best results. One of the places you can spend money to get expertise back with business consultants – but you need to have a clear idea of what the transaction will achieve before you commit or you could waste that money.

Today we’re taking a look at strategic consultants: who are and what can they do for your business?

The Importance of Strategy

It’s vital for you to set a strategy for your business – to define the principles by which you make your decisions, identify red lines you won’t cross, and what key values make up your brand. If you don’t have a governing strategy like this, every decision exists in a vacuum, and that means a lot of individual outcomes all pulling against each other. This makes it hard to create a coherent business that customers can identify with and feel loyalty to.

What a Strategic Consultant Can Do

Creating a business strategy is a far from easy task, and it uses skills and knowledge that don’t cross over into your usual business needs. This makes it a good candidate for consultancy – rather than spreading yourself thin trying to acquire that knowledge base, you can simply buy it in.

A strategic consultant can, of course, help you write that strategy, but in order to do that you’ll need to work with them to crystallise a lot of thoughts that may remain half formed: what do you want from running a business? What do you want from your personal life and how can your business help deliver that? Where do you want to be in a year, five years, ten?

As well as producing a document to guide you through that time, it can be as helpful to lay out explicitly what your aims and goals are.

Changing Times

As well as when you’re first setting up your business, it can be helpful to review your strategy with an expert at intervals, as your ambitions change or as the market changes. We’re currently looking at a period of economic contraction and squeezed revenues. It’s well worth reviewing your strategy with an expert to make sure it’s fit to face the conditions we’re heading into!

If you’re interested in this kind of expertise, business strategy consultants have options to fit businesses in many different niches, with different budgetary needs.