What Salary Can You Expect After an MBA in India?


Are you a student finishing your graduation or are you someone with just a year of work experience? If you are, then you might have heard from a lot of seniors and colleagues about how an MBA degree can improve your career trajectory. Well, it’s true that an MBA degree helps in building skill sets that will be useful throughout your career. However, what jobs can you get after an MBA? What salary can you make after an MBA? You’ll get answers to all of these questions in this article. 

Why MBA?

If you are someone who plans to choose business or management as your career field, then an MBA is definitely an accomplishment for you. A Masters in Business Administration is one of the most popular courses today. It helps you cultivate the skills to be a well-rounded professional, who can handle various managerial aspects in an organization. Apart from the professional skills, an MBA also helps improve soft skills such as Leadership, Decision Making, etc, and adds value to your resume. 

MBA is offered in various specializations such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and more. With a plethora of options available to choose from, you can pursue the course in a field of your choice and excel in that specific field. An MBA specialization can help you jump from an associate executive or senior executive position to a much senior management role. Besides, with an MBA, you can enhance your professional network, especially if you earn it from a renowned university. These connections will positively impact your career in some way or the other.

Now to take up these above mentioned MBA specializations, you have to have a good GMAT score. Your GMAT score is what determines your admission into business schools of your choice.   To prepare under the guidance of experts, you can look for courses under GMAT programmes offered online by coaching institutes. These institutes have courses over weeks and months that you can choose from to prepare for the GMAT efficiently.

Salary After MBA

One of the prime benefits of pursuing an MBA is the increased earning potential. Once you successfully get an MBA degree, you’ll get managerial or senior roles in different areas such as Information Technology, Financial Institutes, Healthcare, Media houses, etc. Most business schools offer placement in the final year of your course itself, which means, you can even get a high-paying job offer when you are in college! 

Having said that, the salary you get after MBA mainly depends on several factors such as your MBA specialization, your work experience, the industry of work, designation, and sometimes the colleges where you’ve pursued your course. Having work experience in a booming industry can increase your chances of getting a highly paid senior position in a good company. On average, here’s what your GMAT job salary in India will look like (based on payscale.com):

Job Title Salary Range (in Lacs)
HR Manager  3.5-20 LPA
Project Manager 6.5-20 LPA
Management Consultant 6.2-30 LPA
Marketing Manager  3.7- 20 LPA
Finance Manager 4.4-20 LPA

Now that you have an overview of salary for top job positions after an MBA in India, your next aim is choosing an apt course that aligns with your career plans. Before deciding on a course, make sure you check the career growth, salary structure, scope, and available job opportunities in that specific industry. Good luck!