Your ultimate party checklist is here!

Regardless of whether you are planning a birthday party, or a special Christmas event for your friends, it makes sense to plan ahead, so that you can shop for everything you need. Besides fixing the menu with the caterer, you have to prep your home for the event, and in this post, we are sharing a quick party checklist that you can consider.  

  1. Basic decoration. There are a few things that you may seen for specific events. Start with balloons and ribbons, and think of other basic products, like table centerpieces, banners for birthdays and anniversaries, and paper décor item, such as fans and lanterns. It also depends on the event, but these things are usually used for most parties. Check with Living party supplies for some great options in décor items. 
  2. Add the ambience. If you don’t want to go big on décor, you can still bring in a happy ambience with other products. Consider products like candles, votives, pillars, and tea lights. You can also go for scented tealight candles, which are super easy to use and can be placed safely almost anywhere. 
  3. Tableware. You will need disposable tableware to serve your guests. Gone are times when disposable tableware used to be flimsy and boring. Now, you can find a wide range of colors, prints and themes to choose from, and you can even shop for serving dishes, spoons and bowls that are of premium quality. Usually, your caterer will only deliver the food, so these things are on you. 

Gifting and more

If your party is such that you plan to give return gifts to your guests, you have to consider products that can be used to wrap your gifts. The list includes washi tapes, wrapping paper, greeting cards, ribbons, and other decorative elements that can take your gift to the next level and make it more likeable for your guest. 

Final word

There is nothing like having an in-house party for the people you love, and if you have the right things in place ahead of time, you can plan things better. If you are ordering your party supplies online, do that in advance, and depending on the event, you can order in bulk to get some awesome discounts. Your party deserves to get all the attention, and when you are in charging doing everything on your own, you better use this checklist to shop for all you may need.