3 Tips For Installation Of An Air Conditioner

An example is whether the room where the appliance will be installed receives a lot of sunlight or even if the house has the proper electrical wiring for the installation service. These and other elements are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the air conditioner.

Observe Your Home’s Electrical Capacity

Depending on the model and capacity of the chosen appliance, it is crucial to pay attention to your home’s electrical capacity. Voltage must be considered when buying and installing the air conditioner to avoid further problems. In general, the voltage of this device is 220V.

Therefore, it is necessary to know, for example, if the electrical capacity of your house is single-phase, which would imply a change in the entire network since the devices require two-phase wires. In this case, you need to contact your city’s electricity company so that they can arrange the necessary changes.

However, if your house is already adapted for the two-phase system, it is recommended to contact a private electrician. It will have the necessary conditions to prepare the points at which the device will be connected, ensuring more safety and success in the installation process.

Know How To Calculate The Thermal Capacity Of The Device

To make sure you are providing an enjoyable and comfortable environment for your family, you need to calculate the heat capacity of the device. In other words, analyze the proper ratio between capacity and room size to efficiently refrigerate the entire area.

So The Measurement You Need To Consider Is Known As A  BTU 

or British Thermal Unit. To perform the calculation, it is essential to check the size of the place to be cooled and whether the solar incidence is high in the room.

To give you a practical idea: in a room that is up to nine square meters and receives the sun on its walls every morning, the value will be 7500 BTUs. However, if this room has sunlight in the afternoon or all day, the adequate amount to create a comfortable environment will be 9000 BTUs.

Hire People Who Know How To Install Air Conditioning

Once you’ve chosen the right air conditioner to air-condition your home and set the perfect environment for a better cost-benefit ratio, it’s time to install. For this, it is essential to have professionals who know how to install air conditioning. That is someone who has experience in the subject. Despite how easy it is to install some models, such as the split, it is a process that must be done with the utmost care and attention. A specialized professional has the technical knowledge and will undoubtedly consider all the factors covered here, thus ensuring that the installation is done correctly and safely to avoid leak detection.

Make Sure You Can Do This Installation.

Another critical point after choosing and defining the installation location is to know if you can carry out the necessary renovations or changes for professionals to install the device. After all, in many cases, breaking walls is not allowed for those who live in a rented apartment, for example.