Tips to Study Effectively During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic around the globe has forced people to stay at home and do things differently from their usual routine. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also affected the lives of students and their way of studying. The schools have closed, and students have to adapt to the digital platform for their studies. Especially for the board classes, the preparation has become more difficult. But, with these difficulties, the doors to many new opportunities have been opened. Students have access to online free content, videos and study material. So, to help them with studies, we have provided some tips on how to study effectively at home during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

Tips for Good Study Habits During COVID-19 

Focusing on studies might not be easy for students when they are home all day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to excel in their studies during pandemic and lockdown. 

1) Map Out a Plan

Just randomly studying will not help students in their studies. They have to make a study plan for themselves. The study timetable has to be practical so that students can stick to it. So, while creating the study plan, students should refer to the CBSE Syllabus and set realistic goals for their studies. 

2) Find a Suitable Routine for Yourself

While going to the schools, students have a fixed routine. Whether it’s the morning breakfast, getting dressed up or morning exercise. In a similar way, students should find a normal class day routine for themselves as per their convenience and perform them. In this way, they will also learn the importance of time management. 

3) Be Focussed

Just sitting in front of the books for the entire day will not give any fruitful results to students. They have to be concentrated and focused while studying. It’s not important how many hours students study; it matters how many hours they study efficiently. So, students must study dedicatedly for 2-3 hours and then the rest of the time they can allocate to other things such as playing and learning household work. 

4) Avoid Distractions

Students should avoid all types of distractions while studying. For example, most students have a habit of looking at their phones after every 15 mins of their studies. Due to this, a lot of time gets wasted. So, they should turn off all social media notifications such as WhatsApp, Facebooks, Instagram etc.

5) Stay in Touch With Teachers and Classmates

During these COVID and lockdown days, students should stay in touch with their teachers and classmates through phone calls. A conversation of 5-10 mins can help them in reducing their stress. They can also discuss the problems they are facing while solving the CBSE Sample Papers. Moreover, they can also ask their doubts and queries. Students can also involve their parents in this process to have more effective communication. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we need to readjust to a new normal in which home studying is the only option.