Hiring a Canadian customs broker can benefit you in 7 ways

Companies or individuals that deal with import and export of goods must have thorough knowledge of Canadian rules and regulations. Sometimes, rules change too and it’s a pain to stay updated on the same. We may not deal with the importing of goods frequently and thus, keep pace of everything can be challenging. However, there is someone called a customs broker who is in regular touch with several authorities for various clients.

A customs broker from a reliable firm like Clearit customs clearance knows it all as they deal with similar cases on regular basis. They carry good knowledge of the process and can help you clear the customs in less time.

Several benefits of hiring a Canadian customs broker:

  1. Customs brokers know the laws and rules of the country well. They immediately make changes as per the expectations of the customs and ensure documents are clear, correct, and free from errors.
  2. With a trusted broker by the side, clients can prevent delays and ensure you get clearance on your importing with less efforts and time.
  3. Several challenges arise in the process, especially on car importing for non-residents of Canada. A few mandatory steps include paying of taxes, duties, and other costs like GST involved in importing. Customs brokersmake the whole process simplified by making timely payments and coordinating with the firm.
  4. They check the eligibility criteria and guide the client so that they can prepare themselves for the clearance certificate. They also help the clients in calculating the costs and services involved during the importing process.
  5. Goods or services must be declared by non-permanent or non-resident citizens of Canada. A customs declaration process may differ as per the type of goods or services the person is planning to import or export. A customs broker can speed up the process by directly informing the client on eligible goods and services.
  6. A customs agent also provides the list of prohibited goods so that the client is aware of the laws and rules of the country. Any negligence in these will result in heavy penalties and even legal actions against them in some cases.
  7. If the customer is planning for car importing, they must seek guidance from the customs agent to ensure the car is eligible and passes all tests during inspection. Clearit customs clearance is one company to look at for reliable customs agents.